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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dabeli Masala Powder

Preparation Time:- 15 minutes
Quantity:- makes Approximately 2 to3 table spoons

Dabeli masala Powder:- This masala is used for making famous Indian snack Kacchi dabeli. The recipe is very simple and tastes really good.I have linked this recipe in Dabeli Recipe.So here is the recipe.
1) Cinnamon sticks 2 inches 7 numbers or approximately 10 to 15 grams
2) Coriander Seeds 1 tablespoon
3) Cumin seeds 1/2 tablespoon
4) Cloves 8 numbers
5) Medium sized red chilies 2 to 3 numbers
6) Green cardamom 1 number
7) Black cardamom 1 number (optional)
8) Oil 1/2 tea spoon
1)Heat pan add  all the above ingredients ,sprinkle oil and dry roast for 2 minutes or till golden ( refer the picture)
2) And Grind to a fine powder.


                                           Roasting in a heated pan

                                    Should Look like this after roasting

                  Grind to a fine powder and the Dabeli Masala is ready to use

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